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High impact colors

Posted August 10, 2010
by Online Fashion Writer: Dedra McDowell

Makeup artist, Whitney Kayrouz is a fan of highly pigmented products, especially when it comes to working with skin color. At a recent makeover, she shared with us a tip on getting the most color from your eyeshadow. “It’s best when you use a wet/dry formula,” she says, “But to get a higher concentration, another trick is to wet your brush a little and then apply your eyeshadow. Or you can place it right on your finger and then sweep it on.”
–Dedra McDowell

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Barbara Bryant Show- fall makeup trends


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Long time coming!

I’m very excited about having my website finally up and running. As I progress with my art I will make sure to keep my new photos active as well as the information about events and projects that I will be working on.
This is only the beginning of more to come.  So stay posted for updates.

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Welcome to WKinc

Welcome to where beauty, art and style become one. Allow me to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I pride myself in ability to transform anyone into a beauty queen…or king.

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