Tips, Tricks & Quick Fix

Here is some tip and fixes for eveyday problems and skin care issues.

Blackhead facial:
Open a couple packs of chamomile tea (½ cup) in a large bowl with boiling water. Lean over the bowl with a towel draped over your head. Let the steam hit your face for 10 min max.
*The steam and tea leave breaks up the oil and dirt from the pores.

Quick dry nail polish:
After applying your polish, allow nails to air-dry for two minutes. Then submerge in ice-cold water for three minutes in a bowl of ice-cold water. *The cold water freeze-dries polish, sealing and hardening it quickly.
Also try: Blasting nails with cool air from a hair dryer in between coats. This helps each layer of color dry as you go.

Streaky tan:
Sweep a cotton ball soaked in 100 percent lemon juice over stripy areas. * Citric acid from the lemon is a natural skin lightener and exfoliator.
Also try: Massaging plain baking soda onto damp skin with small, gentle circular motions. Like lemon juice, baking soda will slough off freshly dyed cells and reveal untanned skin underneath.
Quick tip: Cut your self-tanner with moisturizer. Mix equal parts of each in your palm and blend them together before applying. The diluted tanner will give you a more natural color.

Black head home fix:
Apply a thin layer of Elmer’s glue, let dry, and peel off slowly.

Quick blemish buster facial:
Cut a tomato in half and apply to your face. Let it dry, then rinse. Don’t apply to open pimples.
* Lycopene in Tomatoes kills bacteria.

Larger pores:
Apply plain, chilled yogurt to your face for ten min, then rinse with cool water.
* The yogurt absorbs excess oil and bacteria, and helps to shrink pores.

Overnight pimple fixes:
Apply a dab of calamine lotion to the blemish at bedtime.
Apply a dab of honey to the pimple and cover with a Band-Aid.
* Honey kills bacteria and fastens the healing time.

White heads or hard pimples:
Apply Neosporin to the pimple/ whiteheads and leave overnight.

Sore-chapped lips:
Apply a wet tea bag (green or black tea) against your lips for a couple of minutes.
* The tannic acid in tea soothes the skin and helps it heal fast.

Quick bad breath fix:
Eat an apple * Pectin in apples neutralizes bad odor.

Cold sore prefix:
When you feel a cold sore coming on (the tingling) apply Pepto-Bismol (liquid) to the site and rinse off when dried.


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