It’s a hot, hot summer!

The summer heat can be a girl’s worse enemy. Save your face by passing on foundation and only use powder. The lighter coverage will help with excess oil production and keep from clogging your pores with dirt and sweat. Keep in mind that most foundation have a sunscreen additive and powders do not. So to keep your skin from getting sun damage, don’t for get to put sunscreen on first. There are many types that give you high protection, (look for ones with Helioplex) and that are made to wear user your makeup. I found that Neutrogena brand makes some great daily sun protections. My favorite one to use on myself and clients is ULTRA SHEER LIQUID. It’s a Helioplex SPF 55! This product is light weight, non-grease and layers invisibly under makeup. Sun damage can also occur on other areas then the face. Don’t forget to apply some to your chest, neck and hands. Even daily driving can cause sun damage to these areas. UVB & UVA rays can penetrated through glass, such as car and office windows. A good idea is to keep a travel size sunblock in your purse. Coppertone Sport is perfect! It’s water proof, sweat proof and have a broad spectrum coverage. Just apply to exposed areas after you apply your makeup and out you go. Reapply later in the day before you leave work and your covered on the drive home or while your finish your errands. Hope your summer days are long and your skins stays beautiful!