Spring is the time for change

Now that it’s getting warmer and we can start to wear clothes that don’t require layers. Let’s make spring the time for changing our look.
First, we need to wake up our winter selves. Second, let’s start with our hair. When you decide it’s time for a change start up top and pick styles that compliment your face structure. Most women fall into three categories; heart-shaped, round and long.
Heart-shaped ladies: choose a long bob with layers. If your hair is long this change will be drastic without making you feel like you just chopped everything off. Plus, the long layers will give you movement and create a more playful look. Inspiration: Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez
Round shaped ladies: An asymmetrical cut will offset the roundness of your face. Round cuts, like a short bob will only create a more full faced look. So steer away from them. If you’re scared of full on cut, try an off-center part and heavy side-swept bangs. These small changes will keep the focus on the cheekbones; and that will minimize the fullness of the face. Inspiration: Cameron Diaz or Halle Berry
Long shaped ladies: Do not go for the middle part! This will only make the face look longer. To create a smaller forehead and chin try long bangs, long layers (both hitting around the cheekbone and lip areas) and a steep side part work best. If you’re a girl without bangs; a side swept look with create the same effect. Inspiration: Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé Knowles
*Bottom line is to have fun and be adventurous (well as much as you can). Stay tuned for more on Spring Time changes… next is makeup!