Celebrity Makeup Artist of the month… Mario Dedivanovic

Each month I will feature a professional celebrity makeup artist that I find interesting and who I admire as an artist. So, I am kicking off the new year with favorite, celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is the man with all the answers. If you’re like many women you probably have flipped through a fashion magazine and seen his work…right? Well if you know who Kim Kardashian is then you know who Mario‘s work. He is her go-to guy for her noted looks. Mario now has an amazing expert article every Monday on http://www.SpoiledPrett.com. Every beginning of the week he will lend his expertise to a makeup issue. Keep a close eye on his personal blog spot as well, http://www.blog.makeupbymario.com. There you can find updates on cosmetics, contest, workshops, and more. I love it! If that doesn’t fill your fix – you can always stop by his site, http://www.makeupbymario.com and flip through his work. All I can say is that he is truly amazing and well worth the study. Definitely one of my top makeup artist picks of the decade!


About Whitney Kayrouz, Inc

Welcome to where beauty, art and style become one. Allow me to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I pride myself in ability to transform anyone into a beauty queen...or king.
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