Celeb Style Watch

By Dedra McDowell
May 4th 2010

We didn’t have to look far to find celebrity style trends this week. With stars arriving in our dear city, our star-gazing was made easy. Celebrities including Diane Lane, Marisa Miller, Maria Menounos and Jamie Pressly made appearances in Louisville over the weekend. Each had a distinctly different look.

We caught up with image consultant, Merika Rock whose team styled one famous woman last week. “I always get to meet such interesting people and celebrities. I find they are just like us –with the same stresses of finding the right outfit to wear for events and how to do their hair and makeup,” she says.

They even get worried about how to make their looks withstand the weather.
Merika runs M Rock Style, an image consultant company based in Jeffersonville, Ind. and her team styled Bonnie-Jill Laflin for a few events this past week. Bonnie-Jill is NBA’s first female scout for the Los Angeles Lakers. She turned to Merika and her team as she got ready for the Julep Ball and the Party in Pink.

“We were supposed to style her for Derby Day as well, but when the weather report came in, she decided to pull her hair back and do hat and glasses if need be,” Merika said. They ended up styling her for Derby Eve. “Thankfully the weather kept clear and had mercy on her hair and makeup,” “There was a comical moment where I’m running from one Galt House building all the way to the other one in 7 inch heels to get her the perfect flower from the flower shop she wore in her hair for the red carpet. Later on Whitney (Kayrouz) and I returned to her hotel room and came to the rescue with emergency dress alterations when she found her dress maker had made some measurement errors. I was cutting while she was sewing and we had her racing to the Julep just in time for red carpet arrival.”

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